Renting of the place goes from Saturday at 16 o’clock to the following Saturday to 12 noon and it costs  € 740,- per week.

Electricity is charged per kWh by  € 0,30

At rental you pay € 400,-  of the fee as a deposit right away and at least 1. of June the remaining amount € 340,- need to be payed.

One week before arrival you will find out where to get the key to the compound.

When departuring the compound do so with the place cleaned. If you wish to do so you can pay € 95,- to have it cleaned by a maid.

Animals and smoking indoors is of course prohibited.

You can watch DVD’s on the TV-set.

Remember to bring indoor shoes as it can get a little cold for your feet, also because you cannot use outdoor shoes when inside.

At reservation please contact us either by phone or mail. You can also use our booking system underneath. About duration of reservations see in the calendar if there is anything available.

Available weeks and reservations for 2021:

Week 25 – Available
Week 26 – Booked
Week 27 – Available
Week 28 – Available
Week 29 – Booked
Week 30 – Booked
Week 31 – Available
Week 32 – Available
Week 33 – Available
Week 34 – Available
Week 35 – Available