We thank you for this time

We thank you for this time. It sure is a lovely place you’ve got. We have thoroughly enjoyed this week although the weather hasn’t been quite what we we needed and there weren’t any fish!

We wish you all the best.

Thank you for this time, it was a lovely holiday in the Autumn.

The fireplace has been put to the test and we have spent many ours in your cosy kitchen.

We have really enjoyed the outside fireplace with a lot of twist bread being made.

The nights have been cold but that has been weighed up by good long walks, bicycle rides and a few lovely jogs.

We have had an amazing week!

With 25-30 degrees each we have basically spent all our time on your lovely patio and cooled us down in the lake with a couple of refreshing swims.

You’ve got yourselves a truly magnificent place.

On this mid summer evening where the sun is shining and the wind is fresh we thank you for this time.

It was chilly when we arrived and it rained. As the days went the weather got better and better!
We have enjoyed the patio and the truly magnificent view!!
We have had quite lot of lovely trips – both in the nearest area and a bit further away.

Although, we couldn’t find any of the mapped hiking trips. We have missed a toaster, please wish for one when it’s Christmas 😉

We thank you for this time around!!

We had a great time and a lot of sun. Perfect!!
We didn’t catch any fish, maybe the water was too hot!
We’ve used the kitchen quite a lot by playing games, baking etc.

The place and your house is really something.

Thank you!!!!

Thanks for a perfect week here at Kittagarden

Great weather, fantastic view, great scenery and a lovely patio.

We’ve had between 20-30 degrees each day thus visiting the lake each day has been a must!

We will most definitely return some day and also recommend it to others.

Thank you so much for a lovely stay here at Kittagarden

We would like to come back some other time.
We have enjoyed the outdoors both in pouring rain and striking sunshine! :)

We’ve been on several hiking trips just nearby the house and in the nature reservation outside of town, canoeing, fishing and making twist bread on the bonfire.

Altogether makes for a great vacation!

The best vacation memories

Week 31 has passed and we have all thoroughly enjoyed our vacation. Kittagarden and the southern Swedish scenery has been enjoyed like nothing else.

We have gone fishing, walking and running about and swimming in the lake. A funny moment was when we were walking and suddenly found ourselves in a naked camp! Did not see that coming 😉

We visited karlskrona and KArlshamn and especially the latter is worth a visit an we can recommend you go to the “view” where you can enjoy the archipelago along wth a nice piece of apple pie.

The best holiday wishes!

The week at Kittagarden is coming to an end – it has passed way too quickly, we could easily have spent much more time here.
We went rowing in the lake, had a bonfire with making twist bread and pancakes – it was all very lovely.
We played in the playground a visited the swimming centre in Olufström – both places are great for kids!
Det biggest hit though, was Leo’s playground in Växjö – a fantastic indoor paradise for the young ones.

The swimming centre i växjö is also worth a visti!

A week has passed in this beautiful nature surroundings and it hs passed too quickly!

We have enjoyed the patio when the sun was shining, we made a quick trip to the lake, all very lovely.

We also went on a trip to the Glasrhelm and visited the lovely seafood restaurant in Karlshamn.