The Farm

Kittagarden is fantastically located with Lake Slagesnäs right in front of it. It is simply put candy for the soul.

From the yard you can follow a path into the forest where mossy rocks and small creeks tickle the imagination so much you can nearly see trolls and and elves hiding about.
If you are in the forest in just the right time there are plenty of opportunities to find something to eat with a vast array of fresh goods like mushrooms, blueberries and wild strawberries. Everything to enjoy the silence and the beautiful nature is there.
Lake Slagesnäs is a lake where you can enjoy a swim and it’s the second largest in the county. In one side of the lake there is a small beach, a bridge from where you can jump into the lake and a camp fire site. it is possible to borrow a small bat if you buy fishing pass, with can be purchased nearby.
The villages in the area are quite small. Olofström is the largest (approximately 10 km from the compound) and here you the best possibilities for grocery shopping. abou 2.5 km from the compound you can find the most necessary of things in “Kyrkhultan”.

The main house contains a cellar, living room and an undecorated 1st floor. From the hall you get to the kitchen and dining room with modern facilities such as a dish washer, a refrigerator wth a small freezer, built-in stove with cooking plates. You will also find a small fire place with a fine glass door so the flames can be enjoyed further more.
From the kitchen you enter the big patio where you have the best view of all of Lake Slagesnäs. To the left from the kitchen you find the leisure room and one of the bedrooms in which you have four beds, and to the right from the kitchen you have a small hallway with hand old handpainted pictures, from which you can access the bath room and one more bedroom with four spaces to sleep as well.

In the cellar, which you can acces from the out side of the house, you find a water pump, a warm water container and a washing machine. Other than that it is exactly like when the animals you to live there!

The courtyard is surrounded by two very large barns as well as a small brewhouse. Behind one the these barns you’ll find a camp site with a fire place where it is possible to make your own “twist bread” or just to have a nice barbeque for dinner.